Step-by-step guides for business owners to learn how to scale regardless of situation. 

    No client to small or big that cannot benefit from across-industry knowledge of systems and processes that help all businesses run more effectively.        
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  • Your Entrepreneurial Vision Might Just Need A Little Accountability. 

Key benefits for Our Clients 

In a nutshell, Bizwami helps businesses make more money through better systems and processes. 

Streamlining hiring, training, sales, and accountability. 

CRM Expertise 

Understand the key dynamics to a successful CRM (ERP) Implementation.  

Knowledge Base Creation

Extensive expertise in how to SOP (Standardize) business processes in order to push KB into a Learning Management System (LMS) that streamlines Hiring And Training


Create a human factory for businesses to find and acquire great people who utilize training to grow with the company. 

One-on-one strategizing with coaching brings a whole another dimension to a business. 

Many business owners either never hire a good consultant, or if they do, the program is not stimulating enough to lead to lasting success within the organization. 

Bizwami's focus is on satisfying the unique needs of our clients. Their gains are our gains. 

Michael Overzat, Founder of Bizwami, LLC

It has been a great journey seeing businesses grow through my expertise and then documenting it through Bizwami related content.


Diverse Background of Business Software Implementations:

Sales Accelerator For Sales Teams

A Step-by-step guide on how to grow a sales organization and track and monitor performance.

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Digital Marketing Expertise

Over 4 years of experience consulting businesses in marketing.  

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Website/Content Development Strategies 

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

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Email Deployment 

Help Develop an email subscriber base. 

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Precision Digital Marketing Group, LLC

Digital Marketing Strategies That Focus On ERP, CRM Driven Approach. 

One System

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  • Total Enterprise Resource Planning For Small, Medium Sized Businesses That Want To Upgrade Software. 

Having A Way To Advance Top Performers And Cut The Stragglers Is A Real Human Recruiting Factory. 


Every Business Needs An Effective Process Before Systems Can Even Automate Or Expedite Those Workflows. 

Business Strategy

Internal Direction Focused Around A Team Socpe Of Work, Including A Corresponding Project Management System. 

What Is The Next Step?

Remove Time From The Equation| Connect With Our Team. 

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